Do Epic Shit

How do you respond when your husband tells you he wants to be a street artist?

My response included the following:

1. Don’t get arrested.

2. Don’t destroy someone’s property or cause a lot of work for anyone.

3. Say something good.

I know number two could be difficult to adhere to, but I think it’s possible. He was fine with that since he doesn’t really believe in most of the common street art messages anyways like “people shouldn’t be allowed to own property, so I will destroy it” or “consumerism must die so I will destroy an advertisement that cost someone thousands or even millions”.

Messages like those are all I ever saw in street art, even as my husband and I started having long discussions about the values, meaning, and purpose behind it. And then came that one fateful day when I saw a piece of street art that resonated with everything in me and completely rocked my world.


That’s what it said. That’s all it said. That’s all it needed to say… and it hit me like a ton of bricks had just been catapulted into my stomach (except that I lived through it of course). It was a stamp. Which means, it’s all over the place. Which means, the message is spreading.

Finally I saw the strong truth behind street art. The kind of rebellious truth that everyone always tells me it stands for, but I never understood until now. Use your talents to spread a message. A message that will benefit everyone who sees it and takes it to heart. Speak truth, speak it loud, confidently, often, and publicly.


The next time I was in an uncomfortable situation that roused my insecurities, this phrase resonated through my head.


I was on my way to a party with a bunch of people I didn’t know, but I wanted to get to know since I’m in a new town and need friends. Is my outfit too French? Will my drink be too girly? Will my jokes make sense? Will they deem me cool enough to be one of them?


Why am I worrying about this? If I can’t even sit in a room with really nice strangers and acquaintances for a few hours, then I will never be able to do anything epic.


Then again, this tiny little non-epic moment is probably actually part of me reaching my epic moment. It’s growth. It’s a step. It’s leaving my comfort zone. It’s all a step in the right direction and I’m taking it.


Don’t worry, I will. And I encourage you to do the same.

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2 thoughts on “Do Epic Shit”

  1. Love your spirit, thank you for sharing! If I could find a way to buy my kids the clothes they need and have enough teeth/not be in constant mouth pain so i can eat that would be epic shit. Really. Then I could free up some energy to give to the exciting parts of life! I guess i’m a little tired of always trying to find ways to creatively string things together & do the impossible to achieve the basics while dumping my all into a tough marriage with little in return. I’m always looking to my children’s beautiful spirit to push me over the other side when i find myself on the fence about giving up. I’m not one of those people who think that life just happens to them! I’ve never just lived unintentionally. My focus is always growth, appreciation, love. I’m just so tired & need to stop time to rest and feel like myself again, only I don’t know who myself is anymore apart from always fighting for my children to have a good life & grow to know what’s important. Thank you for helping me on that jourmey, you really are a light!

    1. Hi Mother Bear,

      I so feel you in the frustration! There are times (and sometimes those times last years and years!) when life seems more about surviving than thriving. Those oh so terrible cycles pick up when we see the hope of progress in the distant horizon, only to have something go terribly wrong again and set us back in the place we just came from. And of course it’s at that point that you need to invest EXTRA energy to figure out a way to break out of the cycle, only it’s right at the exact time that you are walking around in the negatives in the energy department because all of your energy is being used up just trying to maintain and you don’t even have enough to do that!
      This is when most people quit and give up on their extraordinary life. Which means they begin to accept the cycle and accept a lifestyle of always being behind and of living in a reactionary way rather than an exceptional way. I’m so glad to hear that your kids motivate you to keep pushing and keep fighting!!! I’m so sorry it’s been so difficult for you lately! Just know that you are not alone, I know of so many people who are in a place like you are right now. It’s so so so tough and I wish there was more that I could do for you. But I’ll just keep encouraging you and telling you that as impossible as it seems, there IS still hope for your extraordinary life!!! I really do believe that!!! You will have to overcome a lot to get there and push through when you have absolutely no energy left, but it really can happen!
      Do whatever you can to take it one step at a time. I will say that if you start with your finances, it frees up SO much of the rest of life. We did this by taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class… a well worth it sacrifice of time AND money that absolutely changed our lives and set us up to begin pursuing extraordinary again! So take any scrap of energy you find and invest it into getting on top of your finances. Once that’s done, move onto the next category of life. Hopefully this will help you see progress in one area at a time rather than just feeling drained by trying to do everything at once! Good luck, keep reading here for encouragement, and keep me updated on your story from time to time!

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