The Big Move

I have an editor’s correction to make on my post titled “California Dreaming Turned Reality”. So you know how I said, we’re moving to California for 3 months and then we’ll be back in Arizona after that?  Scratch that. We’re moving to California- the end.

I feel like there is so much to say to explain this decision, but really I said most of it in the original post. The same reasons for why we decided to move out here in the first place still exist. And the reasons we’re staying are because all of those same reasons are going so well and we want to keep with them!

That and, we LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE it there! We feel happier, more well balanced, and more content than we have in a long time.  Whether this is just because we needed a change or because it’s related to California itself, either way it’s working for us and we’re not ready to leave. We’re very, very excited to see where this new path will take us!


One thought on “The Big Move”

  1. Just as long as you come back to AZ for your Italian Cream Cake! 🙂
    Go enjoy and be happy! You two certainly deserve nothing less!!!

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