Friends of Wisdom

How are your friends?

I’m assuming you have fun together. If you’re a girl maybe you go dancing, shopping, spend long hours talking about relationship problems or your kids schooling. And if you’re a guy you… I don’t know… play sports and drink beer together? Is that what guys do? I’m mostly basing that on movies. Either way, I’m sure they provide lots of companionship, good memories, etc, etc. But my question is, do they provide true wisdom? When you come to your friend to tell her about the guy you just met that you really like does she ask “how cute is he? What kind of car does he drive? And do you think he’s gay?” and then leave it at that? Or does she say, ” does he have goals in life, how does he treat his mother, does he have anger melt downs, and does he ever look into your eyes or just at your boobs?”

Do you have at least one friend who ask you THE RIGHT Questions? If not, you need to find one (or two, or three).

Relationships that challenge you, inspire you, encourage you, etc. are kind of a lost art. They aren’t typically talked about or looked for. If someone listens to you and helps you when you need it, that’s considered good enough. Don’t get me wrong, those are good things but there’s more than just that. Especially if your friend is just “helping you” by picking you up at sleazy guys’ houses when you’re two sheets to the wind, and never actually approaches you (when you’re sober) about your decision making. A good friend, in my opinion would do both. You need both. We all need both if we’re going to grow.

The people you are around are intertwined with your level of personal growth.

If you are around lame people, you’re not going to get very far. In other words if YOU are the friend always picking your only friends up at sleazy guys houses every Saturday night, you may have a problem. I know I sound like your mom now, but if you don’t have people in your life to tell you this, I’m willing to do it for you…. for now that is because you still need to find better friends who will tell you this kind of stuff so I don’t have to!

There is nothing in the world like having intelligent, emotional, heart felt discussions and debates with people you know well and care a lot about.

Having people who ask insightful question to challenge you in your life is a gift like non- other… even if the questions are the difficult kind… especially if the questions are the difficult kind actually.  If the person you hang out with the most inspires you to be a better person- both directly and indirectly- and if you can return the favor, then you are both going to go really far… together…. which is the best way to get anywhere anyways. Go find friends. Go be that kind of friend.
P.S. Special thanks to Liz Boyd, Julia Schmidt, and Kristen Stanley for being 3 of the friends who have challenged me the most at different points in my life. And thanks to Jordan for challenging my ideas about extraordinary living enough to inspire me to write countless blog posts about our conversations!

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  1. Bre,
    I feel the same way about you…you have challenged me so much throughout my life and for that reason I feel very close to you even though we live in different places now. Tim and I were just talking about how much we miss you both and how we want to come stay with you this summer sometime. I’m so glad you are one of my soul sister friends and have loved me enough to help make me a better person. Love you so much and I miss you!

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