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So for all the rambling I do about community and how we’re all here to support one another, blah, blah, blah, I’m going to set an example by asking for some major help from you.

Honestly, I feel ready to quit writing Rare Existence.
Rare Existence makes me feel like a failure. There. I’ve said it. I had pretty high expectations going into this that are not being met. I believed if I built it (with truly quality content), they would come. I thought it would just spread because that’s what stuff does when it’s good. When you see something awesome, you share it to increase your own awesomeness ratings in the eyes of your Facebook friends, right? So either I’m just plain wrong to expect this, or my content isn’t good enough to give people a bump on the awesomeness scale. Either way, I feel like a failure.

This is very, very bad for me since part of my own plans for an extraordinary life involve the growth of Rare Existence. This makes me feel like a failure at my extraordinary life, which in turn makes me not what to write about it anymore, especially on the blog that reminds me of what a failure I am in the first place!

I know the logical thing to do would be to examine my marketing or other issues that could be the real problem before giving up. But of course feeling like a failure is bringing my insecurities to an all time high at the moment so all I’m hearing is “Why bother working on your marketing? You don’t need MORE people to see how bad you are at this”. At the point I’m at, I’m really starting to question whether that is the truth.


So the thing is, I could really use your help right now.
I feel pathetic, desperate, and embarrassed to be asking you for this, but I can’t get it out of my head how much I tell everyone here to be vulnerable with one another- especially when things are going badly, so I feel I must do the same.

What I need from you is your vocal support. If you read and love Rare Existence, I just need you to say “aye” to cast your vote to keep it afloat. Leave a comment here, send me a note… just SOMETHING to show me that you exist on planet earth and that you want to keep reading Rare Existence.

I feel like if I know the problem is not my ability to write things people like to read, but rather my ability to market, then I will have just the amount of hope I need to push through and fix the problem.


If you have constructive criticism:
… about how you think I could grow Rare Existence, get more feedback from readers, etc. I’ll take it. But please remember that I’m fragile right now so be gentle OK? I typically publish all my suggestion comments, but since I’m not feeling super brave at the moment, don’t be offended if I choose to process your suggestions on my own rather than share them with the world while I’m figuring all this out.


To connect with me:
… you can email me at Breanna(at), or you can comment here. Thanks for your readership, your support, and your patience while I’m all weepy and weak. Forgive me if I don’t do my usual once a week posting for a little while, I might need some time. Thanks for the grace.


Much Love,

16 thoughts on “Vote to keep Rare Existence alive”

  1. Keep it going, love! It means something to YOU! It may require time and effort and sometimes the rewards might not be so forthcoming (or obvious) but — and here’s hoping I’ll take some of my own advice one day — what matters is to feed and nurture the creation. Don’t let it go to the cemetery for a premature burial. It’s got a cold, not cancer.

    This is an AYE to the umpteenth. I always appreciate what I read here and some of it is hard for me to read…cause most of the time I spend my energy being down on all the ideas I’ve had and let die. And sometimes it’s hard to face the thought that living a ‘rare existence’ isn’t as hard as I seem to like to make it out to be. It really puts a damper on my self-loathing. 🙂

    Breanna, you were put here on this earth to live extraordinarily and you do it everyday. Keep doing it. You’re gonna be okay. Just have to broaden your reach…and the organic part of that process takes mucho tiempo.

    As for advice…hmmm…maybe you can partner up with some of your friends who like to make crafts or have their own blogs or creative endeavors and you can cross-promote. Make some ‘rare existence’ leave-behinds, jewelry, tshirts, or think outside the box a little bit about what someone may hold in his/her hands that would recall the vibe of this blog.

    Much love and strength. I swear, you’re gonna win. xoxo

  2. O Hell to da no you better not stop writing rare existence, you work to hard to give up now Bree.Plz don’t feel like a failure it takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing and making your dreams happen,from what i have read it is very interesting so i say keep on doing what you have been and keep this most amazing log going.You go gurl! P.S say sum prayers and ask GOD to give you favor in this log and to show you what next step to take to make it were this needs to be and i will say sum prayers for you both k ;’] love ya GOD bless!!!

  3. I hope they keep Rare Exsistence alive, it’s an amazing space where people can share, their pain, struggled, joy can b shared.

  4. Breanna, in my experience, I’ve found that when I start an important task I usually know why I’m doing it, what I want to accomplish, and how I want it to affect myself and others. Kind of like packing up everything that you own against all odds and criticism doing something outside of your comfort zone and taking a chance to accomplish something greater than you ever had expected. I can tell you now that what I expected before is far different from the greater tropical reality that I enjoy now, I was living with arrogant/ignorant priorities, and what I wanted before fails in comparison to what I actually posess now. Mostly, the changes I have made and how I’ve grown exponentially as a person. So, in my rambling, I would only like to take away that our vision changes as we get closer to the things we try to acquire, the journey is usually more rewarding the destination, and over all things make us learn more about ourselves than we ever had imagined or asked for. So who cares how many people you reach with your blog. Keep it up for yourself. Carrie Bradshaw is more famous than yourself and nobody ever reads her articles.


  5. you are not a failure. i’m reading 🙂 i did laugh at your comment, “You don’t need MORE people to see how bad you are at this,” because i’ve felt the same way. i remember my blog had like 5 readers when i first started. i didn’t care, i just kept blogging. just keep doing it if you love it. you are not trying to get approval of many (or maybe you are) but you are trying to inspire, change and impact lives even through one post, even if they never come back, how cool if you forever changed them with your uplifting posts? keep writing!

  6. Breanna, you are so precious! Not in a cute way but in an “I love your honesty, guts, courage and daring to dream, be different and really live that out loud”!!! Do not be discouraged! For it’s the guts you have to even have started this in the first place that sets you apart! And I think even good things take a while to get going! I have really enjoyed reading this (when I can) and have been encouraged and inspired by you, this site and all that you’ve written! For regardless of how often people read or visit or how many comments you get, we all need this kind of encouragement and inspiring example! Keep hanging on and keep being yourself not for others but for yourself because it’s who you are and how you were made! And even when you feel there is maybe no recognition and you wonder why you are doing this…sometimes that is when people need to see your example the most. To me that’s integrity, that’s grit, that’s truly a rare existence!! Much love to you!

  7. Thank you for being so vulnerable, especially about something you feel so passionate about. It’s hard to share things that you “feel” like you are failing at. At one point I had a blog, I don’t like to admit it, but it was a failure… and unfortunately it is still taunts me on the web ( ::sigh:: I set out to conquer the world of teenage leadership and development… and the only thing I conquered was my ability to write like a teenage girl, or at least that’s what I thought.

    Your blog does exist and it serves as a platform for expression. Unfortunately most blogs follow the 90-9-1 rule, which means 90 percent of people won’t post any comments, 9 percent will post infrequently, and 1 percent will account for the vast majority of the postings. This is just who we are as readers these days… well actually this is who we are as a culture. That’s why we go to coffee shops to be surrounded by people but never say a word to any of them… lol. We like to be observers and we settle for that as if observation was the same as living. We have been lied to… we think that the travel channel actually takes you somewhere!! So yes, the fact that you have an apathetic audience makes perfect “unfortunate” sense.

    With that being said, using your blog as a place for personal expression still serves it’s purpose, especially for you.

    However, in your case I enjoy your blog and I am a reader. 🙂 I would hate for you to stop because of apathy, or momentum.

    Again, thank you for my friend for your courage and your platform. You are reaching more than you know.



  8. Don’t feel disheartened. Readership comes with time. To increase viewers, talk to Kristal about increasing your online presence and connecting with other bloggers. Often, boosts in readership comes from guests posts on other related blogs that link into yours. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Blogs aren’t built in just a few months.

  9. Hey Breanna. I’m by nature a bit of a lurker. I usually prefer to message people individually rather than post publically, but I want you to know that I love what you’re doing here. You’re living intentionally, vividly, taking on the challenges of a meaningful existence in a public way, with insight and courage. That’s a real attempt at rigor and integrity in an arena that we all confront individually. That you do so where we can all see and share your struggle is a gift you’re giving the rest of us.

    I’m tempted to say, “please don’t stop writing and posting here,” but that’s a selfish response. I love being able to see you air your lovely soul here for us all to enjoy and learn from – but the truth is, you should only keep doing it if it serves your own larger ends.

    But thank you for living out loud! You’re a gift to those of us who know you.

  10. My advice as a full-time blogger (feel free to not publish!):

    Community community community. Imagine each blog on the web as a tiny hut in the middle of the arctic. The web is a vast, cold, lonely place and no one will ever find a lonely little hut. It could be a really great hut, the best hut ever! But realistically, how would anyone ever see it?

    Now, compare this to being a part of an active blogging community. Suddenly, you’re not in the arctic, you’re in a nice, cozy little town. People see you, you see them. They help you, you help them. Together, your interactions and reach in the world are exponentially multiplied.

    As a blog owner, are you constantly seeking out other blogs like yours? Are you reading them? Are you commenting? Are you following their authors on Twitter and engaging them in conversation? If not, why would they do that for you?

    Knowing you personally means that I know that you understand and value the concept of “community” better than just about anyone I’ve ever met. The lesson is that you can’t drop that passion when you embark on a venture on the web.

    You have to forge new kinds of relationships with people that you’ll never meet face to face. Just as with any “real” relationship, if you’re not willing to invest time into the other people, they’ll never give a crap about you. As you build these kinds of relationships, sharing naturally occurs. Your friends on Facebook might not share your posts, but people in your blogging community understand your plight. They know you share their posts and they won’t hesitate to pay it forward.

    Now, as far as content, I’ll say this: people don’t read the web, they browse it. It’s a hard truth to accept. I write over 3,000 per day and the realization that people aren’t reading them all is rough! It’s just the way the web is. I browse, you browse, we all browse.

    With that in mind, is your content browsing-friendly? When people are browsing, you have to grab the attention by interrupting the normal flow. Photos are a great way to do this, and you should have plenty given your profession. They’re not the only tool though. How many of your articles have big pull quotes? Magazines have used this technique for longer than we’ve been alive for a reason: it works. Big, beautiful pull quotes grab your attention and walk you the important points in an article without in-depth reading.

    In addition to quotes, I need to see a ton of headlines. Your content can be as long as you want, but it should be divided up into small, easily digestible chunks. Want an example? Just look at this super long message. Tricky right?

    Ultimately, I say don’t quit until you’ve drastically changed your approach at least a few times. My advice is simple: you get what you give. Go out there and be the blog reader that you want, only for other people. Read (browse), comment, follow, like, make some friends. In the end, if you aren’t interested in your Twitter friend updates more than your Facebook feed, you’re doing it wrong!

  11. I vote to keep going! I guess I don’t pay enough attention because I didn’t realize u had this amazing blog! I love it. And have just spent an hour at work reading it and ur an amazing writer and a amazing person! I wish we were better friends when we were younger because I adore you. Keep on writing so I can learn more:)

  12. Breanna,
    I have been so impresses and inspired by your dedication, commitment, and consistency in regards to this blog. And let me tell you, blogging is hard work. A lot harder than people assume.

    The feedback can be minimal. You feel like you’re not making any kind of difference at times. You think, “What the heck is the point?”

    And as someone who has wanted to quit my blog about a million times (sometimes in one week), for feeling exactly the way you do right now, I empathize. I get it. And you’re allowed to feel discouraged, sad, a little heartbroken even.

    But, the choice to continue is yours and yours alone. I fully believe you have a unique and captivating idea here. I thought the same for my own blog and not until I fully surrendered it to the Lord did I see the real fruit. I’m praying for direction, wisdom, and for your fragile heart.

    P.S. If you ever want to talk blog-shop, just give me a call. I’d love to give you some hints and tricks that helped me along the way, as well. Love you, friend.

  13. I hope you keep going! If you love what you’re doing, I say keep writing and eventually the traffic numbers will come. As Charlotte mentioned, guest blogging can be a great boost, as well as growing your social numbers, syndicating posts, social bookmarking, working on SEO and maybe even advertising. Whenever KT and I come over for football, let’s talk and brainstorm some things that could help increase your traffic 🙂

  14. Breanna –

    As I was reading this, I suddenly remembered the book written by Henry Blackaby, “Experiencing God.” There are progressive lessons in the workbook, walking the individual through the process of living a God-assignment. It could be that you are smack dab in the middle of a “really big thing”, and that you are going through a time when you feel like the plan (think Abraham and Isaac, and King David) is failing. It doesn’t mean you heard wrong, or that you’re going about it wrong. God wants to show you, and all of us, that He is the only one who can fulfill the dreams He gives us.
    Wow – now I want to go back and re-read Blackaby!

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