Time for the over the top, way too expensive party… because Rare Existence is 1 year old!

Today, Rare Existence is 1 year old!!!

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to keep going last month, so that I could make it to this big day!
In honor of this birthday, I wanted to give you some fun Rare Existence stats and facts:


General stats:
How many countries have seen it: 65
How many posts have gone up: 53
How many words you’ve read if you’ve read every single one: 40,007


Best things people typed into Google that lead them to Rare Existence (besides the thousands of ways “existence” was misspelled):

  • I need to make up some epic shit
  • party time prom
  • my dear should I do you
  • choose your words wisely you never know when you’ll have to eat them
  • embrace messy hair
  • what do you want people admire you at?
  • in los Angeles I know that my dreams will come true
  • retarded chihuahua (my favorite one!)


Other websites who have sent the most people to me (thank you!):

  1. Modernreject.com
  2. Imaginationsoup.net
  3. Cakebaketress.blogspot.com
  4. Ordinarycourage.com
  5. Eatsleepwork.com
  6. Danoah.com
  7. theposhhome.com
  8. teresastrasser.com


Most popular posts:
My Big Demon
A true story about extraordinary living: Kelli Freeman (Part 1 and part 2 were hits!)
Do Epic Shit


My favorite post:
Is Los Angeles the place where my dreams will come true or where my children will get stabbed?

Most Re-pinned Rare Existence quote on Pinterest:

post 22


My Favorite Rare Existence Quote:

post 2

Time for cake and then gifts… wait what?! You didn’t bring gifts?! Lame guys, lame.

2 thoughts on “Time for the over the top, way too expensive party… because Rare Existence is 1 year old!”

  1. Congratulations Breanna & Rare Existence! Thank you for inspiring and speaking wisdom into our lives! Your bravery to put yourself ‘out there’ and encourage others to live their dreams is uplifting – so thank you! Here’s to another year of great blogging! <3

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