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“This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down…”

Breanna Chanson author of Rare Existence: the art of extraordinary living

One day I was in Phoenix, Arizona, checking off my life plan. Finished college, check. Married to a good guy, check. Working on buying a house, check. Getting my masters degree in therapy while maintaining a stable job, check. It was all lining up – until it wasn’t.

Then I woke up and realized this wasn’t the life for me. My husband, Scottie, already knew this and had just been waiting for me to notice. There had been signs along the way that I hadn’t been seeing. For example when my husband proposed to me, like ALL brides to be, I told him I’d marry him if he quit his job (I made pie charts with crayons to defend my reasoning). He’d been working 80+ hours a week and I wanted a husband, not a paycheck, to cuddle up with me at night. So he started a graphic design business with a friend when we got engaged twelve years ago, that led to us starting our own photography company we were both full time with. That company was the means through which we eventually found our extraordinary life – once I’d figured out I needed one!


In the midst of our life goals transition, we were paid as photographers to spend six weeks in Hawaii and Mexico. It was there that I realized I was finally living my version of extraordinary living and I wanted to be intentional about continuing it and helping others do the same. So I started Rare Existence to support, inspire, and encourage others, which has in turn done the same for me because of those who’ve come alongside me in this journey through this blog.

In the six years since I began this blog, Scottie and I moved from Phoenix to Los Angeles, California on a whim (read more about that here), had a lovely daughter named Celia, turned the entrepreneurial spirit of our photography company into a variety of businesses, and eventually moved away from Los Angeles after a very interesting six year stint there (which you can read about in  “My Love Letter to Los Angeles: why we went, stayed, and left”).

At the moment, we’re getting ready to start our next adventure… a six month road trip around the country! We’ve started it by temporarily moving ourselves and our almost two year old daughter to a small mountain town in Northern AZ to live in my grandpa’s cabin for a few months, where we have space to park our RV while we prep it for the trip (we did NOT have that kind of space living on the beach in LA! Which you can read about in “Trading Comfort for Community“).

We’re still not sure where we’ll land after the trip, but we’re hoping to learn a little more about the concept of “home” on the trip to help us make that decision.

So this is where we’re at! I’ll keep you updated about life on the road, as well as the other extraordinary living experiences we’ll have after that! 

Much Love,

Breanna Chanson

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