The Definition

So what is a “Rare Existence”?

A Rare Existence, or extraordinary living, means to live the life you are meant to live regardless of risk, difficulty, opinion of others, weaknesses, or failures. This involves knowing yourself WELL, pursuing your passions, overcoming your fears, and working hard at all you do.

The ultimate belief behind Rare Existence is that everyone benefits when someone chooses to live the life they are meant for- and that also the reverse of that is true- which means that damage is done to everyone around them when a person chooses any other way of living.

“Rare Existence: the art of extraordinary living” is all about finding the life you were meant to live and having the tools and support you need to live it.

If that still doesn’t satisfy your curiosity about what this all means, you can read a more in-depth explanation in the first post ever written on Rare Existence.


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