The People

The people. That’s what it’s really all about isn’t it? If it was only about me I wouldn’t waste so much time making this thing all prettied up and public. It takes way less work to keep it in my head, trust me.  I’m doing this for you and for me because I do need you and you need me.

I’m not kidding when I say (over and over and over again) that you really will need some hardcore support if you’re serious about this. It IS hard and you will meet many people who don’t understand why you’re doing it, and sometimes those people are very close to you.  So you need a place where you can go after a long day of getting beat up and beat down out in the world, where you finally feel safe and supported.  That’s what we want to be for you…. all warm and homey with a group of loving people sitting around a table holding a plate of fresh baked cookies, just waiting to listen and comfort you. In my head all these people are sweet grandmas with soft perriwinkle sweaters and gentle smiles… but in reality they are all sorts of people from all different places and backgrounds… and that’s the coolest part of it all.

If we’re going to hang out, we need a place to do it.  So for now Facebook is going to be our Peach Pit, our Central Perk, or our version of The Max (depending if we decide we want to be in High School, college, or working adults… but either way it looks like we’re going to be in the 90’s for at least part of it.  Sorry, that’s just the choices we have).

There are several main ways you can get connected in and make the most of the Rare Existence Facebook Community

1. Be honest and vulnerable by sharing your ideas, questions, struggles, etc on the wall to give others the chance to get involved in your extraordinary life (or soon to be extraordinary life) so they can do what they can to help you- which always make them feel good and needed too bonus.
2. Respond to other’s comments with helpful advice, feedback, or encouragement.
3. Ask me questions publicly that you think other’s will benefit from hearing the answers to.
4. View it as an ongoing conversation that’s meant to help everyone involved and build great relationships… then interact accordingly.

It will take awhile for a healthy tribe to commune around this idea, so put in the effort, give it some time, and hopefully you’ll have some new BFF’s before you know it. See you over there in a few.


Much Love,

Breanna Chanson
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